Experiencing Jesus Changes Lives. This is our motto, our badge.
We are touched by Jesus and we are forever changed.

Co-Mission ~

We are a presence driven church.

We are a people that gather around the presence of God to be revived by His words and healed by His touch. As we are changed, we testify of His goodness and more people come to be touched. This is our Co-Mission: We experience the Person and Presence of God and minister from this growing freedom.

“The news about Jesus was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear Him and be healed of their sicknesses.” – Luke 5:15

4 Core Values ~

1. God is Good. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, has revealed the nature of God.  To experience Jesus is to know God. God always healed, delivered and taught the path that leads to intimacy with God, which gives us LIFE.

2. God is Willing. It is God’s will to bring His heaven to earth in every aspect of the world today. Jesus introduced a new covenant of favor, forgiveness, and healing, where God is pursuing all to know His wonderful love.

3. We are Significant. Our identity is found as sons and daughters of our Father in heaven. As we discover who God is, and who we are, we find that we are significant to God and His purposes.

4. We are Leaders. We are responsible to partner with God to see His kingdom come into our lives and wherever we have influence. History is contingent upon our daily fellowship with God. God has said, ‘Yes’ to the world, and we live out the ‘Amen.’

Elim Fellowship

We are affiliated with Elim Fellowship of Lima, NY and adhere to their wonderful statement of faith.  If you’re interested in hearing a message about the history of Elim Fellowship and Elim Bible Institute, listen to this .mp3 from Paul Johannson from the 2012 Leadership Conference.  Skip forward to 11:14 on the mp3, past some announcements.  Thank you.




Training Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered leaders for global revival. Since its founding in 1924, Elim Bible Institute and College has been committed to preparing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered leaders for end-time global revival. Today, there are thousands of seasoned leaders all around the world who received their training at Elim. Their lives and ministries are a testimony to God’s faithfulness to us in carrying out the purpose He has given us.